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Dental Insurance for Individuals or Families

Today, many individuals are left on their own to find affordable dental coverage — either for themselves or their families.

Because of the connection between our dental and overall health, good dental care remains important throughout our lives.

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Plan ahead even if your teeth are healthy today.

When you have a healthy smile, you feel positive and confident. But a good smile is about more than appearance. The condition of your teeth and gums are important indicators of your overall health. With regular dental checkups, your dentist can catch problems early — before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Even if your teeth are in good shape now, it’s hard to predict what your future dental care needs will be. Many people have old fillings and crowns. These can fail over time. Repairs can be expensive, and the need for them generally can’t be ignored.

Affordable coverage can help pay dental bills.

Many people think dental insurance is expensive and decide they can “make do” without it. But dental insurance is more affordable than you think and it can help pay for the important dental care you need.

Good dental care is important for people of all ages. That’s why Physicians Mutual Insurance Company offers affordable dental insurance coverage for you and your family.

Get dental insurance for individuals or families that offers:

  • Help paying for over 400 covered procedures
  • Preventive services you can use right away; major services you can use after 12 months
  • Benefits for a wide range of dental procedures, like cleanings and fillings to crowns and dentures
  • No deductible and no annual maximums on the cash benefits you can receive
  • Freedom to choose any dentist, but if you choose a dentist in our network, you can save on covered services

My husband and I have had your dental insurance for several years. We would not be able to get all of our dental work done if we did not have this coverage. Thanks to our policy, we have been able to get our health and dental health in shape. I have encouraged others to buy your dental plan and several of my friends have already purchased it. Thank you for all you do.

Deborah N., North Carolina

Member of our family since 2010