Our dental insurance allows customers to choose any dentist they wish, so it will pay benefits for covered services provided by any dentist.

Filing claims

Ameritas is our claims processor. If you have questions about benefits or the claims filing process, call them at 1-877-667-6187. When you're filing claims, please use the primary insured's name.

Electronic claims

Use the Electronic Claims Payer ID: CX068

Paper claims

Complete the claim form and mail it to: Ameritas; P.O. Box 82520; Lincoln, NE 68501

Don’t file claims?

Complete the claim form or itemized statement and give it to the customer.

Benefits and eligibility

We offer three options for our customers: Economy (Schedule A), Standard (Schedule D) and Preferred (Schedule E).

The most popular plan is the Preferred Option (Schedule E). All of our plans pay a set dollar amount for each covered procedure. If there is a difference between the amount we pay and the amount you charge, and you choose to balance the bill, the customer would be responsible for paying that difference. To see how our plan pays and to view our Schedule of Benefits, please select your client's dental card.

Select client’s dental card

If you're unsure which option our customer has, call Ameritas at 1-877-667-6187.

Thank you for providing services for our customer. We appreciate your help in the handling of their claim.

Tip: Submit a pre-treatment estimate

You may submit a pre-treatment estimate with Ameritas. We find this is helpful for both you and our customer in determining the customer portion of payment for the services you are providing.