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Our exclusive preneed products are inspired by our funeral home partners. We’ll help you find solutions to fit your business needs for sustainable growth.

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Custom Product Series

Our preneed products are created based on feedback from funeral home owners — delivering solutions to help you grow your business.

Custom Preneed Advantage


Custom Preneed Advantage provides funeral homes extra inflation protection early on, with growth that starts day one and is compounded and credited daily. Your block of business is invested in safe, solid fixed income investments, such as highly rated bonds.

Index Products


Our index products — Custom Preneed Index and Custom Index Performance — are equity-indexed products, ideal for funeral homes interested in the potential to earn a higher growth rate with no risk of losing money. These innovative products’ growth rates are based on the interest rate and driven by the performance of the S&P 500® index. See more details in the video below to learn how these products work.

Inflation Guard


We enhanced all of our products with Inflation Guard, the industry's first of its kind to address shortfalls. Inflation Guard gives you additional growth crediting, a higher cap or a higher participation rate, depending on the enhancement you choose. This helps lower the risk on your funeral home while still allowing you to guarantee prices.

How our products work


Preneed Indexing Product Video

Our indexing products give funeral homes the potential to earn higher growth rates while protecting them from market losses.

Inflation Guard

Preneed Inflation Guard Video

Inflation Guard gives you additional growth crediting — lowering the risk on your funeral home while allowing you to guarantee prices.

Growth Rate

Preneed Growth Rate Video

Stability and transparency are our most important values when it comes to growth rate strategy.

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