Help Secure Your Family's Future Today:


Guaranteed Life Insurance from Physicians Life Insurance Company

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Guaranteed life insurance from Physicians Life Insurance Company, offers a simple, economical solution to help protect your loved ones and secure their future after you're gone.

It's so easy to apply from the comfort of your own home.

Help Secure Your Family's Future

Now — as someone age 45 to 801 — you can give your family the promise of financial security with coverage ranging from $3,000 to $10,0002 of GuaranteedLife Insurance, but without the hassle:

  • Easy application
  • No medical exam
  • Absolutely no red tape

Guaranteed Life Insurance Is Permanent Protection

  • The premium you lock in today is yours for life and will never go up
  • The insurance policy builds cash value
  • Money is paid directly to your beneficiary without delay
  • There's no risk — you have 31 days to review your insurance policy with no obligation

Get Economical Coverage

To put your coverage to work, simply make your first month's payment.
Remember, the economical premium you pay today is guaranteed for life.

Save even more time and money by signing up for Automatic Bank Withdrawal. It's convenient, plus you'll receive a $3.00 discount on your renewal premiums every month — saving you $36 year after year. This is the largest discount we've ever offered on an insurance policy like this.

Applying Is Easy

Apply today, and help give yourself peace of mind and your loved ones the promise of protection they deserve. If you'd like to speak to a telephone agent, call us toll-free at 1-800-469-8138.

What You Should Know

This is modified whole life insurance that pays reduced death benefits in the first two years.

1 In MO: 45 to 75; In NJ: 45 to 79

2 In MI: The benefit amount for non-accidental death in the first two years is 110% of premiums paid.

3 NJ residents: Information about reduced death benefits in the first two years.

Insurance Policy L770 (ID: L770ID; OK: L770OK; TN: L770TN)