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Pre-Planning Is a Smart and Loving Choice

Pre-planning a funeral can be reassuring and comforting for you; for your family, it can be one of your greatest acts of love. When you pre-plan, you help relieve your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions during a stressful time, so they can focus on sharing treasured memories and celebrating a life well lived.

Pre-Funding — An Important Part of Pre-Planning

Taking care of your funeral expenses ahead of time — or pre-funding — is an important part of pre-planning. Not only does pre-funding make it easier for your loved ones, it can give you reassurance knowing your final wishes will be carried out. When you pre-fund your funeral, you join millions of Americans who have made the same thoughtful decision.

Insurance Designed to Fund Your Pre-Planned Funeral

Funeral homes choose to place their family's pre-planning dollars in safe and secure insurance policies designed specifically for funding funerals. Pre-need insurance:

  • allows you to pay for tomorrow's expenses with today's dollars
  • fights the effects of inflation because the death benefit grows over time
  • stays with you if you move or change funeral homes
  • lets you leave other insurance benefits to your loved ones
  • is protected by the strength of the company itself

The benefits of pre-planning are far-reaching — from the emotional comfort it can bring to your loved ones, to the relief from financial strain it can provide during their time of grief.

If you'd like to learn more about pre-planning your funeral, please contact your local funeral home.

Texas residents can find more information on preneed funeral contracts here.