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Affordable Inexpensive Term Life Insurance

Choosing the right coverage is important. That's why Physicians Life Insurance Company offers you options for affordable inexpensive term life insurance to help meet your family's needs.

What is term life insurance?

Term life insurance provides coverage for a set time period and is intended to help protect your dependents if you die while the insurance policy is in effect.

How does term life insurance payout?

Term life insurance benefits are paid when the insurance policy holder has died. The beneficiary(ies) will receive the insurance policy benefits after the death claim has been filed.

What happens if you outlive your term life insurance?

Generally, if you outlive your term life insurance, you have the option to convert it to a whole life insurance policy or to buy another term life insurance policy.

What are the differences between our term life and high benefit term life?

Our Term Life Insurance is designed to help with funeral costs, some additional final expenses and bills. It is coverage pricedattractively to help cover you for a set number of years.

Features Term Life for final expenses
Length of Coverage Choice of 10 or 20 years
For Ages
  • 18 — 70 for 10-year term
  • 18 — 60 for 20-year term
Benefit Amount Up to $50,000
Designed to Help
  • Pay burial and final expenses
  • Pay last medical bills
  • Cover remaining credit card and other debts
  • Pay day-to-day living expenses
  • Strengthen existing life insurance coverage
Pays on Top of Other Insurance Yes
Cost Level rates for the term
Discounts Save $1.00 on renewal premiums every month when you sign up for Automatic Bank Withdrawl
Guarantees You have the right to
  • Review your insurance policy for 31 days with no obligation — and receive a full refund if you choose to cancel
  • Renew your coverage at the end of each term until you turn 95
  • Convert your coverage to a whole life insurance policy at any time during the term of your coverage

Our High Benefit Term Life Insurance offers a greater amount of coverage to help replace income and help with higher financial obligations, such as mortgage payments. It can help ensure your loved ones maintain the lifestyle you've worked so hard to provide.

Four key differences with our High Benefit Term Life insurance policy

  • Ages
    • 18 — 75 for 10-year term
    • 18 — 65 for 15-year term
    • 18 — 60 for 20-year term
    • 18 — 50 for 30-year term (45 years old for tobacco)
  • Benefit amount — up to $500,000
  • No discounts
  • You can renew your coverage at the end of each term up to any age

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Important Information for Term Life Insurance and High Benefit Term Life Insurance L760/L762 (GA: L760GA/L762GA; OK: L760OK/L762OK; TX: L760TX/L762TX):
Issuance of this coverage may depend upon the answers to the health questions on your application. Premiums are subject to change annually after the term of the insurance policy's initial guaranteed premium period.

During the first two years (CO, MO & ND: first year) of the insurance policy, a return of premiums is paid for death due to suicide while sane or insane. All other causes of death are paid immediately

These products and offers are not available in all states. Please contact us to see what coverage may be available in your area.