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Inexpensive Affordable Juvenile Life Insurance for Children

We can help you provide your children and grandchildren with protection and peace of mind throughout their lifetime. Purchasing juvenile whole life insurance for your children and grandchildren can be one of your greatest acts of love.

What is whole life insurance for children?

If your child were to die unexpectedly, a whole life child insurance policy is designed to help provide financial protection against funeral costs. It can also help cover things like medical bills or family counseling.

Why should I buy whole life insurance for children?

  • You can help ensure life insurance will be reasonably priced and available when the children are adults.
  • You can help them plan for a more financially secure future.
  • Since this is permanent protection, it can help protect your children through all stages of life.

How much life insurance do I need for my child?

With the rising cost of funeralsnational average funeral cost of $8,7551, a $10,000 whole life child insurance policy is recommended.

Features Juvenile Whole Life Insurance
For Ages 14 days old through 12 years old
Benefit Amount $5,000 up to $10,000 1 2
Builds Cash Value Yes
Pays on Top of Other Insurance Yes
Aging Benefits Yes. The amount of coverage automatically doubles when the child reaches 21, with no rate increase.
Additional Coverage Available Yes. At ages 22 and 27, the child is guaranteed the option to get additional coverage — up to $100,000.
Discounts Save 5% on renewal premiums every month when you sign up for Automatic Bank Withdrawal.
  • Level premiums — the rate stays the same for the life of the insurance policy; it will never go up because of the child's age or health.
  • No risk — you have 31 days to review the coverage with no obligation.

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1 "[2017] NFDA Member General Price List Study,", August [2017]

1 2 Coverage amounts are subject to underwriting approval; issuance of this coverage may depend upon the answers to the health questions on the application.

Important Information for Juvenile Life Insurance policy kind L726 (GA: L726L; ID: L726R; OK: L726K; TN: L726C; TX: Form L726Q):

Full benefits are payable from the first day of coverage for death from any cause, except suicide during the first two years (which pays a return of premium only, less any outstanding insurance policy loans) unless evidence shows that suicide was intended when application for insurance was made.

Full benefits are paid from the first day of coverage for any cause of death, except suicide during the first two years (in CO & ND: first year), which pays a return of premiums only, less any outstanding insurance policy loans.

This product and offer are not available in all states. Please contact us to see what coverage may be available in your area.