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Final Expense Insurance

What is final expense insurance?

Final expense insurance — also referred to as burial or funeral insurance — is intended to cover the bills your loved ones will have to pay after your death.

What types of bills can final expense insurance help cover?

Final expense insurance is primarily used to help pay for a funeral. Secondarily, it can help cover other bills such as final medical bills, credit cards, loans, taxes and other household expenses that can pile up after your affairs are settled.

Why is permanent life insurance the best option for final expenses?

Permanent life insurance (whole life insurance) makes the most sense for final expenses because you won't outlive the insurance policy.

When is the best time to buy final expense insurance?

The sooner you buy final expense insurance, the better. Because rates are based on age, you'll want to lock in the lowest rate you can. Plus, most whole life insurance policies will only guarantee your acceptance — without health questions or medical exams — up to a certain age.


Did you know?

The national average funeral costs $8,755.

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