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Supplemental Health Insurance from
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Health problems and emergencies can happen at any time. An accident … a diagnosis of cancer … a heart attack — all of these things can leave you with out-of-pocket medical bills and expenses that can be difficult to manage.

Supplemental health insurance from Physicians Mutual ® can help make a difference. Our supplemental insurance is designed to help you pay the covered services you may need.

Three Economical Options:

  • Accident Insurance — This simple and economical accident policy can pay cash benefits to help your family cover the medical bills if you have an accident. Plus, this insurance can work with your current health coverage. Get a quote now.

  • Hospital, Medical, Surgical Insurance * — Our supplemental health protection can provide economical coverage for the services you are likely to use the most. Since many health insurance plans have deductibles, coinsurance, co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses, costs can really add up. This insurance can work together with your current health coverage to help fill in the gaps you may have. Get a quote now.

  • Cancer Insurance — This important coverage can help pay for the quality cancer treatments, drugs, therapies and specialists you may need. Plus, you can also receive benefits for important preventive care screenings. Learn more or for a personal quote, call us at 1-888-932-7642 1-888-932-7642.

Help Strengthen Your Overall Coverage

Supplemental health insurance can help pay expenses not covered by your health insurance, such as deductibles and co-pays. If your health insurance has a high deductible, consider supplemental coverage to help keep you protected today and in the future as health costs rise.

We're Here to Help

At the Physicians Mutual family, we help make it easier for you to get the supplemental health coverage you may need. For more details about our supplemental health insurance options, talk with one of our friendly insurance advisors.

Looking for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

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1-888-932-7642 1-888-932-7642

Touching Lives …

One Customer's Experience
With Supplemental Health Insurance

Dear Physicians Mutual,

I cannot say enough how your claim checks help me, with the cost of medical insurance these days. Your monthly premiums are low and the checks get to me very quickly. I tell everyone about your insurance because you are #1 with me! Many thanks.

— Cheryl S., Georgia
Member of our family since 1993

Important Benefit Information for Hospital, Medical, Surgical insurance:

* In Texas: Hospital, medical, surgical insurance policy is called Hospital Confinement Indemnity Coverage. In Virginia: Hospital, medical, surgical insurance policy is called Hospital Confinement Indemnity Policy.

This product and offer are not available in all states. Please contact us to see what coverage may be available in your area.

Important Disclosure Information

Insurance Policy Kinds: P643/P525/P176 (GA: P643GA; ID: P525ID; OK: P643OK/P525OK/P176OK; TN: P643TN/P525TN/P176TN; TX: P643TX/P525TX/Form P176TX (Rev. 05/07))

This is a solicitation of insurance. An agent may contact you.