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Dental Benefits — Dental Insurance

Choosing the right dental coverage to meet your needs and your budget is important. That's why we offer you a choice of three benefit options — Economy Plus, Standard Plus or Preferred Plus. All three options help pay for over 350 covered procedures. Standard Plus pays about 28% more benefits than Economy Plus. Preferred Plus pays the most benefits for each service.

These charts show just a few of the services covered and the cash benefits you can collect for each benefit. And if you see a dentist in our network* of over 470,000 provider locations, you can receive discounts on covered services.

Over 30 Preventive Care Services begin immediately.
You can receive these benefits from day one:

  Highest Benefits
Procedure Economy Plus Standard Plus Preferred Plus
Routine Exam (D0120) $34 $39 $44
Cleaning (D1110) $49 $60 $71
X-rays (4 Films) (D0274) $29 $36 $44
Total Preventive Benefits $112 $135 $159

Over 100 Basic Care Services begin after just 3 months.
Suppose you notice sensitivity to hot and cold liquids and your dentist finds a couple of cavities and a tooth that must be removed. You can collect:

  Highest Benefits
Procedure Economy Plus Standard Plus Preferred Plus
Problem-focused Exam (D0140) $19 $25 $32
Resin Fillings (3 surface) (D2332) $61 $82 $105
Resin Fillings (3 surface) (D2332) $61 $82 $105
Simple Tooth Extraction (D7111) $35 $47 $60
Total Basic Benefits $176 $236 $302

Over 200 Major Care Services begin after just 12 months.
At a routine checkup, your dentist says you need a root canal on a molar and a crown. Here's what your Physicians Mutual dental insurance can pay:

  Highest Benefits
Procedure Economy Plus Standard Plus Preferred Plus
Routine Exam (D0120) $34 $39 $44
Cleaning (D1110) $49 $60 $71
X-rays (2 Films) (D0272) $22 $27 $33
Root Canal (D3330) $204 $279 $340
Crown buildup (D2950) $46 $62 $78
Crown (D2720) $302 $401 $501
Total Major Benefits $657 $868 $1067
In just one year,
you would collect:
Economy Plus
Standard Plus
Preferred Plus

All three options help cover over 350 dental procedures — with NO deductible!

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Coverage and offer are not available in all states. Please contact us to see what coverage may be available in your area.

*Includes the Participating Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. National averages are subject to change, October 2017.

Important Disclosure Information

Insurance Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (FL: P150FL; GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK:P150OK; TN: P150TN; TX: P150TX); B438/B439 and B424 (ID:B424C)/B426 Riders