Annuities from Physicians Life Insurance Company

If you're worried you might outlive your retirement savings, you're not alone. It's a common concern, even among people in the early stages of retirement planning.

Help give yourself peace of mind today with an annuity from Physicians Life Insurance Company — so when you retire, you can rely on a guaranteed steady income for the rest of your life.

Help Secure Your Retirement

No matter what your stage of life may be, an annuity can provide a secure, convenient way to grow your retirement nest egg and help ensure the money never runs out. An annuity can allow you to:

  • Convert your savings into a guaranteed steady income you can't outlive
  • Grow and protect your retirement savings, tax-deferred or even tax-free (under current tax law)
  • Generate retirement income with a low amount of risk
  • Supplement other income you may have

Get Payments the Way You Want Them

An annuity gives you flexibility to design your income payment to help meet your needs in retirement. Simply decide when you want to begin receiving payouts, then choose the type of annuity that meets your needs:

  • An immediate annuity allows you to start receiving a steady income within one year of purchase.
  • A deferred annuity gives you time to build interest and grow your nest egg before you begin receiving payments several years down the road.

Have Access to Your Money

Besides providing you with income payments in retirement, an annuity can allow you easy access to your money when it's needed, through:

  • Free partial withdrawals — access up to 10% of your account value when you need it1
  • Options for emergency access to your money for long-term care — help ease the financial burden an illness may bring2
  • Death benefits for beneficiaries — help provide for your loved ones after you're gone3

Tip: If you think an annuity may be right for you, be sure to compare your options and choose an insurance company that is financially strong. A company that receives high financial strength ratings from independent analysts is more likely to meet its ongoing obligations, even in challenging economic times. The Physicians Life Insurance Company has consistently received some of the highest financial strength ratings in the nation.


We're Here to Help

We offer a variety of annuities to help you meet your individual retirement goals. If you'd like to know more about how an annuity can help you save for a secure future, contact us. We'll take time to listen to your needs and give you the straightforward guidance you need and deserve.


Important Benefit Information:

1 Withdrawals made prior to age 59 1/2 may be subject to a 10% IRS penalty.
2 Option not available in all states.
3 Under current federal law, benefits are not taxable income to your beneficiary. In some circumstances, federal, state and/or local death taxes may apply.

Insurance and annuity kinds may vary by state.
AP111/AP112/AP114/AP116/AP117/AP119 (OK: AP110X/AP111X/AP112X/AP114X/AP116X/AP117OK; TN: AP117TN)

This product and offer are not available in all states. Please contact us to see what options may be available in your area.