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Accident Insurance from
Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

An accident can happen to anyone, and even the most common mishaps can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. Accident Insurance from Physicians Mutual Insurance Company can provide cash benefits — paid directly to you — for expenses you may have due to a covered accident. You can use these cash benefits for whatever you may need — from hospitalizations to everyday living expenses.

What Is This Coverage For?

This accident insurance can be a great choice if you have out-of-pocket medical expenses not fully covered by your primary health insurance coverage, like:

  • Deductibles
  • Coinsurance
  • Out-of-network expenses
  • Costs once you reach the annual maximum

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How high is your deductible?

The average health insurance deductible is over $1,200 for individuals, and more than $2,000 for family coverage. 1
And many people have deductibles as high as $10,000. 2

1 The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, March 2015

2 “On Health Exchanges, Premiums May Be Low, but Other Costs can be High” by Robert Pear, December 2013

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One Customer's Experience

I received my claim check and must say that it is a pleasure to do business with a company that is efficient and concerned about their policyholders. I fully intend to stay a customer with your company until death do us part.

— John B., Florida

The offer is not available to CA residents age 65 and over. This offer not available online in KS. For more information or to apply please call 1-800-679-5257.

Insurance Policy/Rider kind: P525/B411/B412/B429/B430/B431 (ID: P525ID/B412Q/B429Q/B430Q/B431Q; OK:P525OK/B412W/B429W/B430W/B431W; TN:P525TN/B411F/B412F; TX:P525TX/B412E)