All-Occasion Gift Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Gift Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Do you need inexpensive gift ideas for the upcoming holidays, someone's birthday or a special celebration? You've come to the right place. We understand not wanting to break the bank when it comes to gift-giving. So to help you out, we compiled a list of budget-friendly gifts for any occasion that are between $5 and $25.*

Thoughtful Gifts

  • Baked Goods: Are you talented in the kitchen? Use your skills to whip up a batch or two of their favorite dessert or baked goods. Present it to them in a container they'll want to keep.
  • Note Jar: Fill a jar to the brim with encouraging, happy and loving notes for someone you care about. Then instruct them to read one note every day or whenever they are in need of a smile. A gift like this takes time and effort, which shows that it's from the heart.

Entertainment Gifts

  • Board Games: Food, friends and fun games make for an entertaining evening. Add to their list of playing choices with a new board, card or dice game. But be sure to supply the gift receipt in case you get one they already have.
  • Movie Night Gift Basket: Who says you have to go out to have a good time? Give the gift of a fun night in with a basket full of popcorn, candy and a movie. Turn it into a date night basket by including a bottle of wine.

Service Gifts

  • Monthly Subscription: A monthly subscription to a streaming service — like Netflix, Hulu or Spotify — is a great gift for movie and music lovers. Whether or not they already have the service, you can pay for it via gift card for as many months as you'd like.
  • Groupon: Groupon is packed with both local and national deals. Choose gifts your loved ones would like from a variety of discounts on things like restaurants, spa packages, car detailing, house or lawn services and more. Let the recipient of your gift know there's an expiration date. For some (but not all) offers, expired Groupons lose their promotional value, but retain the value paid for them. For example, if you paid $10 for $20 worth of food, it would be worth $10 after expiration.

Timeless Gifts

  • Framed Photograph: When we take photos, we often want to capture moments of joy. A framed photograph of your favorite moment with them is a simple way to preserve a happy memory.
  • Family Recipe Collection: Do you have a handful of different meals you always make at family gatherings? Combine all the fan favorites into a recipe book or copy them onto a stack of recipe cards. This is a gift that has the potential to carry on through generations.

Practical Gifts

  • Travel Drinkware: Coffee mugs and water bottles always seem to break, start leaking or are accidentally left behind. They're just one of those could-always-use-one items. Make it fun by stuffing a few tea bags or powdered drink packets inside.
  • Gift Cards: While gift cards may seem impersonal, many people love getting them. Put thought into it by getting them a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant, or to one they've been meaning to try.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

  • Indoor Herb Plant: Know someone who loves cooking with greens like basil, oregano or cilantro? Get them a thriving plant of their favorite herb they can continue to use meal after meal.
  • A Donation in Their Honor: Donating to a charity is a great idea for the person who has everything or insists you don't buy them a gift. Not only will they be pleasantly surprised, but it's also one that both of you can feel good about.

Personalized Gifts

  • Keepsake Box: Many of us have items that remind us of a special moment — whether it's a ticket stub, photograph or knickknack. Buy or create a box that they can keep these things in. Make it personal by adding in your own item.
  • Custom Photo Calendar: Looking for a unique holiday gift or end-of-the-year birthday present? Get them a calendar. But not just any calendar — create one yourself online or at a store with a photo center. Choose a theme or a collection of their favorite people, places or things.

*Cost may vary by location