Find An Eye Doctor

Looking for an eye doctor in the VSP network?

Eye exams are important to your vision and overall health. Regular eye checkups can help detect glaucoma and macular degeneration before you have any symptoms. With your Vision Benefit Rider, you can go to any eye care provider. You can receive benefits for covered:

Eye Exams —
  • Every Year: Up to $50 per person per year
Vision Correction —
  • Year 1: Up to $50 per person
  • Year 2: Up to $100 per person
  • Year 3 and beyond: Up to $150 per person

You can go to any provider you choose, but we've partnered with VSP, the nation's largest discount vision provider, to give you extra savings when you use one of the providers in their network. You can get discounts of up to 20% for covered exams, eyewear and LASIK through VSP. Your Vision Benefit Rider pays benefits — whether you go to a VSP provider or not. See an example of how your Vision Benefit Rider can work with a VSP eye care provider. For all the coverage details, see your Rider.

To find an eye doctor in the VSP network now, simply type in your location and press Search. You'll see a list of up to 50 eye care providers in your area. Any of the eye care providers on this list will accept the VSP discount. Note that a "Premier Program" indicator is not meant as a designation of care quality — all doctors on the list meet VSP's high quality standards for professional services.