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When it's time to talk insurance, you want someone you can rely on to listen to your needs and help you choose the options right for you and your family. Let me work for you and I'll provide the guidance and service you deserve. That's my promise to you.

Laurie Rehm, Career Agent
708 River Place
Madison, WI 53716-4006
Phone: 608-213-4026 Phone: 608-213-4026
Fax: 844-293-9529

With our family since 2016.

I became an insurance agent/producer because:

I get great satisfaction from helping people.

I chose Physicians Mutual® because:

It is a family-oriented company that cares about its customers.


Family, Cooking, Reading, Travel, Fitness

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Insurance Policy/Rider Kinds: P020, P023, P025, P026, P027, P029, B345, B421; (LA P020LA, P025LA, P026LA, P027LA, P029LA; NC P020NK, P023NK, P025NK, P026NK, P027NK, P029NK; OK P020OK, P023OK, P025OK, P026OK, P027OK, P029OK; TN: P020TN, P023TN, P025TN, P026TN, P027TN, P029TN; B345C; TX P020 Series; WI: P235, P236, P237, B369, B370, B371, B373, B398); P420, P425, P426, P427 (GA: P420GA, P425GA, P426GA, P427GA; PA: P420PA; P421PA, P425PA, P426PA, P427PA; VA: P420VA, P425VA, P426VA, P427VA); C250A/P150 (GA: P150GA; OK P150OK; PA: C250Q; TN P150TN); P176 (OK P176OK; TN P176TN); L708, L712, L726, L728, L729, L730, L732, L762 (GA: L726L, L762GA; OK: L726K, L729L, L730OK, L732OK, L762OK; TN: L708TN, L712E, L730TN, L732TN); AP111, AP112, AP114, AP116, AP117, AP119 (OK AP111X, AP112X, AP114X, AP116X, AP117OK; TN AP117TN) (CA Only: P020, P025, P026, P027, P029, B345)

In CO: This dental insurance does not include coverage of pediatric dental services as required under The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. Coverage of pediatric dental services is available for purchase in the State of Colorado and can be purchased as a stand-alone plan. Please contact Connect for Health Colorado to purchase either plan that includes pediatric dental coverage or an Exchange-certified stand-alone dental plan that includes pediatric dental coverage.