Retirement and Savings

Retirement Benefits

Our generous 401(k) plan makes it easier to save for retirement. For every dollar you contribute, we'll match the contribution up to 3% of your annual income — which could double your savings. In addition, the Company will make a yearly contribution to your retirement account through our defined contribution plan (if you meet certain requirements).

Flexible Spending Accounts

These self-funded accounts help you increase your spendable income and save money each year by reducing your taxes. You do this by paying your out-of-pocket health and daycare expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Health Saving Accounts

Enrolling in the High Deductible Health Plan enables you to enroll in a Health Savings Account (HSA). The HSA is a pretax savings vehicle that allows you to save for current and future medical expenses. You may make pretax contributions straight from your paycheck, so you reduce your taxable income. Also, the Company will make contributions to your HSA every pay period. You can decide to use your HSA funds for health care expenses such as your deductible and co-insurance now, or save them for later - even into retirement.